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    As for the costs for repaying the loan, the amount that can be repaid per PS1000 could be as low as PS1107. Rates can vary greatly depending on the length of time required to repay your loan. For instance, if you borrow PS1500 for seventy-eight weeks, you’ll end up having to repay PS4180.80 However, if you can repay the loan within a month, it will cost you only PS1830.81. There is no penalty for early payment. It is recommended to take as short a time as you can to pay back the loan. This complicated system is not similar to a flat-rate fee. It is recommended to consult one of the V5 Loans experts to determine exactly how much your monthly installments will be and the cost of your loan. However applicants from Northern Ireland and Scotland are not qualified. The usual restrictions apply too, such as, you must be working in full-time employment and must be at least 18 years old.

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