Tennis-Jabeur makes Wimbledon history for Arab women by sealing…

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    The first Supernova in the East podcast was released in July of 2018, and fans (including Elon Musk, apparently) have been waiting since November, when the fifth episode on the series dropped, for the finale. 

    — Dan Carlin (@HardcoreHistory) June 9, 2021

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    Final installment of Supernova is out. but like most #6 shows we’ve ever done, it’s long. Three years on this subject.

    If you’re in search of educational material, this expansive look at the horrors of mass criminalization of Black people gives you a powerful synthesis of everything you need to know.

    The Times noted that the Danes have drawn much inspiration from their surprise Euros win in 1992, with many references to 'a 1992 feeling’ on Danish social media and in the press.

    „Japan is coming on real strong right now but there are other countries that are also getting stronger and kind of taking China’s dominance away,” said Steve Kearney, director of USA Para-Badminton.

    „It is not a problem for us if there are foreign forces (here) or they leave, but the fact that the Taliban are taking over districts at any moment affects our work,” Wasim Shirzad, a shopkeeper told Reuters.

    „I have the most patient listenership in podcasting,” Carlin tweeted on Monday, teasing the episode.

    Outlining the PM’s personality, he said he was either Boris-Normal (Boris-N), who 'bumbles around ignoring large chunks of reality and tries to keep everyone happy causing chaos’, or the rarely seen Boris-Self-Aware (Boris-SA), who is more focused.

    Thanks for being patient.

    Ok, hopefully it doesn’t suck.

    13th (2016)


    Ava DuVernay’s documentary on the US justice system meticulously covers America’s racial history from the abolition of slavery to the present prison structure.

    I have no idea if it’s any good at this point…

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