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    <p> The heat got too much for the German girl so she opted to stay behind and instead wait for the tourists bus to leave in 2 hours. Behind her fashionable appearance, behind the glitzy trips abroad, behind the brains and the beauty, Lavinia Woodward had descended into a sordid and potentially dangerous world. It really gave me a deep fascination for caves, the vastness of the world below our feet and a strong desire to explore more caves in the future. The entire place was shrouded in a thick mist, which gave it a nice mysterious atmosphere. Rugged karst mountains and wild, untouched jungle; at parts coated in thick layers of mist. It’s a massive park of lush wild jungle, ancient karst mountains and absolutely mind-boggingly massive caves; including the largest cave in the entire world, which is complete with its’ own underground jungles, rivers, beaches and climate. I stayed in a small village near the entrance of the park, and everyday I would rent a motorbike to explore the park and the caves.</p>

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    <p> I liked it. One of things that surprised me about Saigon (and Vietnam in general), was just how many churches there were. After that I ventured further north to the city of Hue, the former imperial capital of Vietnam during the 19th century Nguyen dynasty. Besides that, with the whole place being a former French hill station, it almost felt like a European hilltown. I also visited the killing fields, where the executions actually took place and the bodies were dumped in huge, uncovered holes in the ground. Kampot was a very nice place, and probably my favorite city that I visited in Cambodia. A sketchy place, to say the least. The gay dating scene was once dominated by underground, private, and guilt-ridden affairs, but now it’s more known for rainbow jewelry, spunky haircuts, and sassy attitudes. After that we went to Angkor Thom, myfreecams chaturbate which in my opinion was maybe even more impressive than Angkor Wat.</p>

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