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    <br> These types not only receive the most on Chaturbate but they are also the best wanting performers. KVCardSelectionVC – Awesome wanting Dial like card selection ViewController. CardAnimation – Card flip animation by pan gesture. PopMenu – PopMenu is pop animation menu impressed by Sina weibo / NetEase application. Inspired by Apple’s down load progress buttons in the App Store. MZTimerLabel – A useful class for iOS to use UILabel as a countdown timer or stopwatch just like in Apple Clock App. LTMorphingLabel – Graceful morphing results for UILabel composed in Swift. CountdownLabel – Simple countdown UILabel with morphing animation, and some valuable functionality. NumberMorphView – A label see for exhibiting figures which can changeover or animate making use of a approach named range tweening or amount morphing. AnimatablePlayButton – Animated Play and Pause Button employing CALayer, CAKeyframeAnimation. MultiToggleButton – A UIButton subclass that implements tap-to-toggle button text (Like the digital camera flash and timer buttons).<br>

    <br> LGButton – A completely customisable subclass of the indigenous UIControl which permits you to generate lovely buttons devoid of creating any line of code. EasySocialButton – An simple way to generate stunning social authentication buttons. CRRefresh – An quick way to use pull-to-refresh. ExpandableButton – Customizable and uncomplicated to use expandable button in Swift. DOFavoriteButton – Cute Animated Button published in Swift. Fully compatible with Swift & Obj-C. Eureka – Elegant iOS kind builder in Swift. NgKeyboardTracker – Objective-C library for monitoring keyboard in iOS apps. YYKeyboardManager – iOS utility course permits you to obtain keyboard perspective and keep track of keyboard animation. WCLShineButton – This is a UI lib for iOS. Daysquare – An sophisticated calendar control for iOS. JTAppleCalendar – The Unofficial Swift Apple Calendar Library. TVButton – Recreating the amazing parallax icons from Apple Tv as iOS UIButtons (in Swift). BEMCheckBox – Tasteful Checkbox for iOS. KDCalendarView – A calendar ingredient for iOS created in Swift 4.. It characteristics both equally vertical and horizontal layout (and scrolling) and the show of indigenous calendar gatherings. GDPersianCalendar – Customizable and quick to use Persian Calendar ingredient.<br>

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