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    Gadgets review – Saeco Intelia Focus coffee machine <br /> Beautifully styled and packed with clever tech<br />Takes seconds to clean and very easy to use<br />Versatile – allows you to create your favourite coffee combinations quickly<br /> By <br> Published: 16:57 BST, 5 October 2012 | Updated: 17:01 BST, Ceramic filter 5 October 2012 <br /><br>

    <br />Price: £450 (RRP)<br /> Rating: <br><br><br>The Saeco Intelia Focus coffee machine from Philips provides great-tasting coffee with a touch of a button.<br><br>Although pricy, retailing for £450, its strong build-quality and simple user interface means coffee lovers are guaranteed to use it on a daily basis.<br><br>The Intelia is hefty in size – its sharp, futuristic lines hinting that the unit is designed to be a centrepiece of any kitchen worktop.<br> Stylish: Although it’s slightly noisy, Mechanical sealing the Intelia is an incredibly attractive machine<br /><br> <br> Coffee beans are loaded in the top (there is also a separate funnel for ground coffee), while two separate chambers are located at the front.<br><br>On the left is a water reservoir, which clearly states the level needed, and on the right is where the remains of the coffee beans are deposited.<br><br>Both are easy to access meaning that cleaning takes a matter of seconds not minutes.

    <br /><br><br>The water reservoir has a Brita filter which, along with its pre-brewing function, ensures that all water used is as pure as possible. <br /><br><br>With regards to coffee bean waste, the Intelia cleverly packs bean residue into small balls that are easy to dispose of in the bin.<br><br>Making up the face is an attractive, bright LED display.

    This shows various information – from the time until the correct water temperature is reached, to signalling when to clean the waste compartment or to add more beans.<br><br>It is flanked by six buttons which range from allowing you to choose either an Expresso or a larger Americano, to selecting the desired coffee strength.<br> Perfect cup, every time: The ceramic grinders ensure professional results<br /><br> <br>The Intelia can also give out hot water for tea and other hot beverages from the dispenser on the side.<br><br>This can be used to froth milk, too, Ceramic filter allowing for Cappuccinos, Flat Whites and other coffee combinations.<br><br>In action, although slightly noisy, the ceramic grinders produce a brilliant cup of coffee consistently, without a burnt taste.<br><br> If left idle, the system automatically dumps any unsavoury water caught in the system into the tray below, which can then be emptied.<br><br>Overall, the Intelia is a smart, user-friendly coffee machine, with the strong build quality and its inevitable frequent use justifying the rather high price tag.<br><br>Follow Talal on Twitter: @TalalMusa and on Facebook: Daily Mail Games.<br><br><br> RELATED ARTICLES

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