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    <p> In Sacramento, California where the killing of an unarmed 22-year-old by officers in March became yet another public symbol of police brutality against young black men, a spokesperson for the department said scoop and run could be „a big challenge because of the scrutiny right now.” Evin Johnson Sr., a gunshot survivor who works with other victims in the city, echoed the sentiment. „The sense has always been, get that person to the hospital quick,” says John Stanford, a captain and 16-year veteran of the police department. And departments surveyed by the Trace and NBC Philadelphia pointed to another exception: Police officers sometimes rush their wounded colleagues to the hospital. To understand how other cities regard scoop and run, the Trace and NBC Philadelphia surveyed police departments in more than a dozen cities with the highest homicide rates in the country. The Trace identified two civil lawsuits brought against the city by individual families who alleged the actions of police-including transporting and not applying pressure-contributed to their sons’ deaths.</p>

    <p><div style=”clear:both; text-align:center”>McCafe mini for Free Mocha Monday white logo</div> The man survived, and a local columnist hailed scoop and run as „a life-saving procedure for which police fail to get nearly enough credit.” But in a subsequent op-ed, a representative of the city’s paramedic and EMT union attributed the incident to dispatch confusion between the two cities, and argued that Cleveland residents would not benefit from „a Philadelphia-style police transport program.” Among his reasons, he pointed out that Philadelphia has five adult Level I trauma centers all within close proximity, while Cleveland has just two on opposite sides of town. As intuitive as scoop and run is among Philadelphia officers, police departments in other cities have little appetite for the practice. „You hitting bumps, you bleeding, your body’s going all over the place,” says Terry Starks, who was transported by a cop after being shot five times in 2002. Philadelphia officials say to the best of their knowledge, neither the police department nor the city have been sued over police transport of victims. „I’d love to debunk the myth that you need a person on the scene who has all this advanced medical training and that is going to make the difference for this specific kind of injury,” says Dr. Elliott Haut, a Johns Hopkins trauma surgeon.</p>

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