Hundreds of homeless people will be given free e-cigarettes

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    Homeless people are to be given free e-cigarette starter packs as part of a trial designed to help them quit smoking.<br>The study will be conducted in 32 centres for the homeless across five regions in the UK – Scotland, Wales, , the South East and the East of England.<br>E-cigarette starter kits, which usually cost around £25, will be given for free to people at half of the participating centres.<br>People at the other centres will be allocated to a care group.<br>The full £1.7 million research trial will include 480 participants, with 240 in each group and 15 from each centre.<br>Prof Caitlin Notley, 전자담배 액상 사이트 from the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School, said: 'We know that around 70% of people who are homeless smoke tobacco – this is far higher than the UK average of <br>%. Prof Caitlin Notley, from the University of East Anglia thinks scheme will help smoker<br>it’We also know that e-cigarettes are the most popular method of quitting smoking, with some studies suggesting they are more helpful aids than nicotine gum or patches and 전자담배 액상 사이트 much less harmful than smok<br>tobacco.’Electronic cigarettes mimic the experience of cigarette smoking because they are hand-held and generate a smoke-like vapou<br>en used. RELATED ARTICLES

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    'They can be an attractive option for helping people switch from smoking, even if they have tried and failed i<br>e past.’The research project is led by London South Bank University (LSBU) and 전자담배 액상 사이트 UCL in collaboration with UEA, Kings College London, Queen Mary University of London, the University of York, Cardiff University, the University of Stirling and the Univer<br> of Edinburgh. Free e-cigarette starter kits (not actual pictured) will be given to homeless p<br>e to help themIt has been funded by the National Institute for Healt<br>search (NIHR).Professor Lynne Dawkins from LSBU said: 'In our earlier, smaller research trial, we found that e-cigarette starter kits worked well<br> participants.’Staff at homeless centres were able to support the study and we collected the data we needed to con<br> a full trial.’This grant award from the National Institute for Health Research will fund a much-needed larger trial, looking at whether supplying e-cigarettes to smokers attending homeless centres could help them to quit – and whether it offers the<br>lue for money.’This is the first study of its kind in the world to look at tria<br>g this method.’If we find that providing free e-cigarette starter kits helps people to quit, homeless centres could decide to adopt this approach in future, to help reduce the impact of smoking-related diseases<br>the homeless.’Consumer advocacy group We Vape director Mark Oates said: 'At last we have some common sense applied to vaping and helping disadvant<br> smokers quit. 'Homeless people tend to have underlying health conditions and smoking is just about the worst thing a person can do to their body, so getting these people to stop should be a priority if we care ab<br>their welfare.’Vaping is known to be the best way to quit, is at least 95 per cent safer than smoking and is the obvious answer to England reaching its smoke fr<br>arget of 2030.’This is a great initiative and we’d like to see more vaping kits available on the NHS, not this creeping and insidious attack on vapers, as we have seen from some local authorities who want it b<br>d altogether.’

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