The Auxiliary Components of The Pneumatic Actuator

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    <br> The auxiliary component is used to remove oil from compressed air of the pneumatic actuators.
    Different using occasions to the requirement of air filter, pneumatic components of the air filter commonly used in the table below. <br><br> This kind of pneumatic actuators, also known as simple filter, in the air compressor station after dryer, commonly used filter, felt, the material such as silica gel, coke adsorption filtration effect, the leaching efficiency of 50% ~ 70%.

    The secondary filter, also known as water gas filter, the most widely used in available pneumatic actuator, the leaching efficiency of 70% ~ 90%. It is commonly used in pneumatic actuators and detecting device, etc., in a secondary filter as a third level after filtering, the leaching efficiency reached 99%.

    <br><br> A filter only used in the air supply device of the pneumatic actuator. Water gas one according to the filtration precision of pneumatic equipment requirement and freedom to choose air flow. Water gas one generally in a pressure reducing valve before, also can be used alone.
    According to the direction arrow on the shell is connected the import and export right, not to the import and export, also not to cup up inversion of this available pneumatic actuators. <br><br> Water gas ones in the available pneumatic actuator.

    The most common applications. Here is for ordinary water gas filter structure. From input port to enter the cyclone vane 1 direction, the compressed air is the air flow along the remaining glass 3 the circumference of a strong rotation, mixed water droplets in the air in under the action of centrifugal force and save water glass wall collision. It is separated from the air to the bottom of the cup from the available pneumatic actuators.

    When the air flow through the filter 2, due to the effect of filtering of the element, the dirt in air and mist water filter, clean gas output from the output. Manger 4 can prevent air vortex roll of the minimum water cup in the water. In order to guarantee the normal work of the water gas filter of the pneumatic actuator, should be timely open the manual release the water drain valve 5 cups of water.

    Save water cup made of transparent materials, which is easy to observe the working condition, water height and Ceramic filter filter the pollution degree of 2. IT can be used a variety of materials, multi-purpose copper particles sintering forming, Ceramic disc also has a Ceramic disc filter.
    Filter filtration precision is 5 ~ 10, l0 ~ 25, 25 to 50, 50 ~ 75 four specifications, also have 0 ~ 5 fine filter cartridge. <br><br> Pneumatic actuator is used in the oil mist detector is a special kind of oil injection device. Oil mist detector can make lubricating oil atomization, and with the air flow into the need of lubrication components, air collision wall.

    There are attached to the parts make the lubricating oil, in order to achieve the purpose of lubrication for Mechanical sealing the actuator. Oil in this way, has the uniformity and stability of lubrication, low consumption, and do not need large storage devices, etc. Oil mist detector oil mist detector once and secondary oil mist two kinds.

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