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    You also do not wish to over-dry your weed, because then it’s difficult to smoke. However, you presumably can properly dry marijuana for immediate consumption with heat utilizing microwaves, convection ovens, or an open skillet. If you’ve began with nice genetics, you’ll in all probability need to reuse them. Curing marijuana properly can preserve seeds for future use. If your flowers produce seeds, those seeds could be saved for future grows, but solely when cured accurately. This information will explain how to dry, treatment and store your marijuana like a professional so as to take pleasure in top-shelf marijuana.
    You will need lids for the curing process, so be sure you’ve obtained some available earlier than you begin. Return to step one and repeat the method until you’ve eliminated all of the branches from your pot plant and trimmed all of the leaves out of your buds. As we mentioned in the previous part, curing weed accurately improves the flavors, aromas, expertise, and results of the completed product. The first step within the process is to reap your marijuana plant at simply the right time — not too early, and not too late.

    Then, relying on the density of your flowers and the other environmental conditions, it’ll take wherever from 5 to fifteen days for the method of drying weed to be accomplished. However, before you can savor your crop, you need to take the time for curing cannabis plants first. You may feel tempted to chop corners here, but don’t – when you take the time to correctly treatment the plants, you’ll have a significantly better product.
    After watching your girls grow and flower, it’s finally time to gather your hard-earned buds. But before you’ll have the ability to enjoy a toke of some homegrown Kush, you’ll have to dry and remedy your freshly harvested weed. Below, we’ll share our answers to some regularly asked questions on the drying and curing process, so you can maximise the flavour and efficiency of your stash.
    Large amounts of marijuana may be shortly dried in a fuel or electric convection oven. Spread plant material thinly over the underside of a giant ungreased pan, then place it into an oven at no larger than one hundred fifty levels F . Turn drying plants each fifteen minutes, taking care to not over-dry them. This technique may also likely kill all seeds in any buds you dry. Ideally, plants hung to treatment ought to be beneath a roof to block out harsh sunlight that might dry plants too quickly and erratically.
    Here’s why curing weed is important- and here’s tips on how to dry and remedy weed at home. Fill half of the container with dry ice, cover this with a wet cloth and continue to pile your buds on top of the material. Make certain to depart some space to allow air to escape from the dry ice. Place your container in a freezer and check on the identical 2 to 3 occasions throughout the next 48 hours to add more dry ice. The method might lead to the loss of some trichomes however you will still get potent buds. Once you may be positive that the drying process was a hit, now you can remedy your buds.
    If you may be more affected person, you could be rewarded with superior results. If you choose to use the faster strategies, you could reduce the overall stage of THC, smoothness of your smoke and seed options. However, anything is higher than having unusable moldy weed. During this check-up, keep your jars open to allow for air change, and inspect each bud individually for signs of mould. If you discover an infected bud, make sure to remove it from its jar instantly to avoid the fungus spreading. In general, the drying stage takes about 7–12 days, depending on the above elements.

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