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    <div style=”clear:both;”></div><p> She always questioned the „girls are supposed to” thinking she heard, but until she got to class, she said, „I never questioned it too much.” Now, she’s more confident in her opinions. An elite investigator who tracks angry men online, she’s known to some in her field as the Savant because of her uncanny ability to suss out when, exactly, hate speech will morph into violent action. Other initiatives come out of the One Love program, an effort to raise awareness of the warning signs of abuse and end relationship violence. Ms. Griffin and others stressed that having at least one supportive person, whether a friend, relative, teacher or other, can bolster a dating violence survivor’s resilience. In October, the school hosts with the YMCA „An Empty Place at the Table,” a tableau of place settings in memory of someone lost to domestic violence that year. It just astounds me because anyone who joins will be a honeypot for someone who wants to exploit children.</p>

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