Top four Luxury Hotels in Kamala, Phuket.

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    Kamala beach in Phuket at this point has several of the islands best luxury hotels and the region is rapid changing into a luxury area even more to the likes of Surin and Bang Tao. The quite south of Kamala is exactly where the luxury behavior is right now with the „millionaires mile” winding street home to a selection of high end hotels.\u3010\u8cc7\u6e90\u5206\u4eab\u3011icon \u7db2\u7ad9\u5927\u96c6\u5408\uff5e\u514d\u8cbb\u4e0b\u8f09\u3001\u7dda\u4e0a\u7de8\u8f2f\u901a\u901a\u6709\uff01 The past couple of years has observed a selection of these hotels pop up and within the next few years this location is going to be the place to be.
    You will find two luxury hotels under construction in Kamala right this moment and there are sure to be several more arriving the years ahead to make Kamala a true hub for the deluxe traveler to Phuket. Along with these luxury hotels, there’s a real demand for much more luxury restaurants as well as bars in Kamala to service the luxury tourist in the area. Kamala is in for certain huge changes in the future years!
    So what exactly are the top 4 luxury hotels in Kamala?
    1. Andara – This resort is almost Cape Sienna and is an additional incredible hotel. Together with the usual luxury amenities, Andara has a seaside club down on Kamala beach nestled amongst the rented umbrellas and sunbeds and may be the 1st of the luxury hotels to do so, so it will stick out somewhat as opposed to the other battered loungers! This is the start of the transformation of Kamala beach.
    2. Paresa comes in at number one and deservedly has won many international awards as well as recognitions since its opening in 2009. This hotel is the furthest from Kamala beach and it is a 10 minute drive along the windy coast street from Kamala. Secluded luxury at the very top end of the machine.\u5168\u740310\u5927\u7db2\u7ad9\uff1a\u8c37\u6b4c\u51a0\u8ecd\u3001\u5169\u8272\u60c5\u7db2\u7ad9\u64e0\u9032\u6392\u540d \u4e2d\u570b\u50c5\u4e00\u7db2\u7ad9\u5165\u699c | \u4fe1\u50b3\u5a92
    3. Cape Sienna – This brand new hotel is close to the primary Kamala beach and offers waterside villas that are rather cool. The principal hotel area has an excellent pool/bar/restaurant and the’ Sienna rocks’ beach club with the infinity pool of its and 點我 jacuzzi seats overlooking Kamala is a good spot to hangout in the day time or for an early evening sunset drink.
    4. Ayara – This hillside luxury resort is far from the principle Kamala beach across the windy road along the coastline. It’s a shuttle buses which take you into town as needed. There are amazing views over the ocean, and also a small private beach.

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